itseadjungoituva, hermiittinen, Hermiten

English-Finnish mathematical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Hermitian — A number of mathematical entities are named Hermitian, after the mathematician Charles Hermite:*Hermitian adjoint *Hermitian connection *Hermitian form *Hermitian function *Hermitian hat wavelet *Hermitian kernel *Hermitian manifold/structure… …   Wikipedia

  • Hermitian — adjective Equal to its own transpose conjugate. If φ=φ then φ is Hermitian …   Wiktionary

  • Hermitian variety — Hermitian varieties are in a sense a generalisation of quadrics, and occur naturally in the theory of polarities.DefinitionLet K be a field with an involutive automorphism heta. Let n be an integer geq 1 and V be an (n+1) dimensional vectorspace… …   Wikipedia

  • Hermitian wavelet — Hermitian wavelets are a family of continuous wavelets, used in the continuous wavelet transform. The n^ extrm{th} Hermitian wavelet is defined as the n^ extrm{th} derivative of a Gaussian:Psi {n}(t)=(2n)^{ frac{n}{2c {n}H {n}left(frac{t}{sqrt{n… …   Wikipedia

  • Hermitian manifold — In mathematics, a Hermitian manifold is the complex analog of a Riemannian manifold. Specifically, a Hermitian manifold is a complex manifold with a smoothly varying Hermitian inner product on each (holomorphic) tangent space. One can also define …   Wikipedia

  • Hermitian matrix — A Hermitian matrix (or self adjoint matrix) is a square matrix with complex entries which is equal to its own conjugate transpose mdash; that is, the element in the i th row and j th column is equal to the complex conjugate of the element in the… …   Wikipedia

  • Hermitian symmetric space — In mathematics, a Hermitian symmetric space is a Kähler manifold M which, as a Riemannian manifold, is a Riemannian symmetric space. Equivalently, M is a Riemannian symmetric space with a parallel complex structure with respect to which the… …   Wikipedia

  • Hermitian function — In mathematical analysis, a Hermitian function is a complex function with the property that its complex conjugate is equal to the original function with the variable changed in sign::f( x) = overline{f(x)}for all x in the domain of of f. This… …   Wikipedia

  • Hermitian adjoint — In mathematics, specifically in functional analysis, each linear operator on a Hilbert space has a corresponding adjoint operator. Adjoints of operators generalize conjugate transposes of square matrices to (possibly) infinite dimensional… …   Wikipedia

  • Hermitian connection — In mathematics, the Hermitian connection abla, also called the Chern connection, is the unique connection on a Hermitian manifold that satisfies the following conditions, # It preserves the metric g, i.e., abla g=0. # It preserves the complex… …   Wikipedia

  • Hermitian hat wavelet — The Hermitian hat wavelet is a low oscillation, complex valued wavelet.The real and imaginary parts of this wavelet are defined to be thesecond and first derivatives of a Gaussian respectively:Psi(t)=frac{2}{sqrt{5pi^{ frac{1}{4(1 t^{2}+it)e^{… …   Wikipedia

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